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At AASK Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we strive to provide exceptional service to each of our patients and the neighborhoods in which we live and work. We are an energetic group committed to the highest standards of clinical expertise, patient-centered care, and personal growth to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients. Simply put, we hope you achieve your goals while working with us at AASK Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.



We Care for Patients with neuromuscular and orthopedic conditions receive comprehensive therapy to help them regain movement and independence. We use an integrated approach to enhance our patients' quality of life. This means you can rely on us in any setting, from the playground to the workplace to your own living room.


With the goal of bettering, one's health and happiness through means of active engagement with one's mind and body.

Our goal is to encourage our customers to explore other methods of growth without fear of failure.

To outfit to promote relaxation and recuperation

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